Colour for the winter table


Unusually for me, some weeks back as summer began to wane, I had the presence of mind to plant a few rows of very late rainbow beets, hoping to produce some fresh colour for the Christmas table.  Totes amazeballs, it worked.  I’ve have had to try very hard not to show my surprise at this success, I didn’t know that, when I planted these jewels, the weather would be so kind to my amateurish efforts, and that the ground would stay warm and welcoming for long enough to allow them to grow.  I wish to impress my non gardening friends and family with my success and feign confidence when it really wasn’t there.  Who knows, I may even get away with it again next year, perhaps with other vegetables too!   I plan to give Japanese radishes another try too, they are unphased by the cold and add a nice heat and crunch to winter stir fries and salads.  As our climate alters and becomes wetter and milder, the possibilities are endless.   Strawberries  are still ripening on the plants for goodness sake, bonkers in December, but welcome nonetheless.   Winter salads are no longer confined to a coleslaw with trimmings, you are actually able to produce nice green leafy salads in what was latterly the depths of winter. Hooray, all bets are off, if you think something might grow, don’t look at the calendar any more, judge for yourself and go for it.

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Autumn Colours

AUTUMN is getting its soggy grip on the garden again!

Those in the know are dashing to their local Garden Centre to buy overwintering onions and broad beans.   Now we see the bright fiery colours all around, wherever we look.

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